Monday, October 1, 2007

Batman Process

I've had several requests for process. This is really the first fully painted illustration I've attempted in a long time so the results are bit contrived and awkward to me but that'll hopefully go away after some more practice. If anything, I'll be able to look back at this to see what a benchmark it was and how far I've come since this time.

So I started by settling the final composition with my client which you can also see in an earlier post. I started by transferring the drawing to illustration board.

So here I begin to lay down flat color.

A closer look... at this point I laid on a layer of workable fixative.

Did a bunch painting up to this point. Sorry I don't have more inbetweens. I'm beginning to define my light sources.

Sprayed more fixative layers. At this point I'm really gobbing on color so it holds to the fixative. If it's too watery then it just beads up.

After figuring out the lighting I really started to focus more on texture like divots and scars from Bruce's many encounters.

I decided to give it a much more apocalyptic feel so I put down another layer of fixative and then painted black COMPLETELY over the orange background. After it dried I took a damp towel and wiped away some of the black to reveal the orange underneath then sprayed another layer of fixative on top of that to seal it in. Then I painted the night sky corner that allows for the 3rd light source in the scene to play it's part.

After some cleaning up of failed experiments I decide I can no longer futz with this anymore and I call it done.

Good learning experience overall. I plan on doing many more.

See previous post for Final image...:)


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