Thursday, September 27, 2007

Final Batman

Here's the final for the commission piece. I spent way to long on this. I learned much from it that I hope to apply to more interesting subjects later...:)

This was the section I enjoyed the most. I was able to play with textures in some unexpected ways...

I picked up some good things from this. Eh... I don't know... hopefully the next one won't be so ham fisted. Thanks for looking! -R


bog_art said...

It is really good!!.. I can see the texture of the mask..

Justine said...

Wow, Ray...I can still remember watching you create your masterpieces oh so many years ago (checked the sig name, yet?) but you have gotten even better since then...The Batman image is wonderous. You captured the strength & the pathos quite nicely.
So, this is Justine; do you remember me? We lived together for a few years, so I hope so. Congrats on the baby! I liked the sketches of your wife from October, too.