Sunday, December 9, 2012

TESV:Skyrim - Bandits Pt. 1

Bandits. Our thinking on the Bandits was that they were geared to live light and nomadic. Wolf skins would be the clothing of choice since it's warm not to mention kind of bad assed to have killed a wolf. The first few sketches were to get a good vibe and silhouette...

Sven Peltpiles...

Female version. Yeah I know... cleavage in the snow... yada, yada...

I've got a couple of minor variants I'll post soon. Thanks for stopping by...:)

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Anonymous said...

I love those sketches. The game doesn't have nearly enough hoods.

John Sidoryk said...

I always wondered why is large amount of concepts staying unused. I am watching your Skyrim art for a while and it seems like almost nothing made it into game. Your concepts are fantastic, and there are plenty other great artist I believe, but developers are just throwing it away? For example, there are dozens of various, original armor designs, but they make one armor in dozen color variations instead. Is it because of amount of work they have to do? Or time? Budget? Laziness? Why don't they use every good concept available?

Your art rocks, keep it up!

Ray Lederer said...

Thanks Anon:)

@John: Nothing goes to waste even if you don't directly see it in game. It's all part of the process. Most concept art is generating ideas. In fact it's mostly about giving the team options. Many times it's necessary to slog through a bunch of drawings before landing on something that either hits the spec or just feels right. As for using every single concept generated it's just not possible. Hardware memory can only hold so much data and we squeeze every ounce of horsepower we can. Also, like any studio, it takes a tremendous amount of time and resources (people) to sculpt a model, reduce it down to game resolution, generate normal map information from the high res sculpt, texture it, rig it, and then hope it doesn't doesn't break once animations are applied to it. It's not a huge investment for me to draw 10 different costumes in one day but it does take about a month or more to build and texture a single mesh and prep it for animation. Multiply that by 10 and you've killed a 3rd of your character budget on variants when really all that is needed from a design perspective is a color variant hat or face paint to differentiate one character from another. It's the nature of our game design to be immersive 3d open world narratives but those are the realities we have to work with on the art side to make that happen. Does that make sense?

John Sidoryk said...

Thanks for reply, I thought you'll say that. I understand that not everything could be pushed further to the final stage, but it is a shame that some great ideas stay unfinished.
You are doing great work and game looks beautiful because of people like you.
Rock on.

LeksoTiger said...

Why in the women's version of armor often draw half naked breasts? It's cold too!)
Great concepts! thank you, what trying to post interesting arts)
I like these wolf skins)

Anonymous said...

Do you still work at Bethesda? If so are you guys working on a new game? You don't have to tell us what it is.

Your art is amazing and you are one of my favorite concept artist ever.

I agree with John though, shame that a lot of the amazing designs did not make it into Skyrim.

Have you ever thought about doing YouTube Tutorials?