Sunday, February 6, 2011

Video: Art of Skyrim

 This was released a couple of weeks ago on Game Informer's site but it's all over youtube now so I feel like I'm not scooping them anymore by featuring t here for a little more shameless self promotion...:) Ok, before you watch I have to talk about the fact that I don't speak in the video at all. To be honest it was a little awkward since I think the PR person was overzealous in controlling the message by not allowing me to be mic'd. My presence was essentially reduced to prop.  Ah well, I can't complain too much as all the art featured in this video is mine. Hope you enjoy:)


Erik said...

Haha! That explains it then. This video was great, I watched it a few times. Awesome work Ray, there's some really cool stuff here. I can see what you mean too, the Cintiq isn't very ergonomic, can it be laid flat on the desk even?

"Just sit there and look happy!" Hahaha.

Rayford said...

The Cintiq stand elevates the surface from the table a couple of inches even when laid flat. One could construct and old school style animation table with the cintiq flush in the center of the disc but that would require effort and tools. Another option is the Ergotron Arm which I know some people really like.

Nick Arnold said...

Maybe they were afraid you'd let something slip that you shouldn't. I would have preferred to have gotten your direct insight into the art, but overall I think that was probably my favorite bit of info released so far.

It has been really inspiring and gotten me to do a few skyrim-inspired sketches as well. I look forward to seeing more!

Rayford said...

I'm sure your right Nick and I cannot blame them. The random crap that's come out of my mouth around the office is enough to give pause:) Nice work BTW. I like the Visigoth armor. Cheers!

Nick Arnold said...

Thanks! :D

Lane Brown said...

This is very inspiring for me as I hope to get work as a concept artist after I graduate. The office looks great. I notice you have Loomis and other reference on the wall which is something I really need to do. Do all those books belong to you, or does the studio supply them? Looks like a great collection!

Also, do you focus on a particular subject like characters/environments/props, or does the studio expect you to do it all? You are obviously capable of it, but I just wonder if each concept artist has a unique role. Do you have to know any 3D?

Thanks! The game is looking amazing!