Friday, February 11, 2011

TESV:Skyrim - Concept Art

Newly released concept art in high resolution!

This one actually covers quite a few bases. I originally began this one as a simple concept painting of a bear but I decided to spend some time after hours developing an entire scene to pitch a few ideas on wildlife encounters in the game and duel wielding weapons. Luckily Todd was excited by this idea as it had never been done in an Elder Scrolls game before and he felt it was time to give it a go.


Erik said...

That scene at the top was fantastic! I have had that in my desktop slideshow (all Skyrim stuff) since it was shown. Most of the screenshots aren't close to 1680X1050 though ;)

The bear looming over the mammoth was a really cool idea. It conveys a lot of the hostility of the region. One of my favorite parts though is how you handled the snow, for instance how it blows lightly over the warrior's boot. I'm always looking out for more of these, as I said awesome work!

Lady T said...

The art on these are sick! Top pic is totally epic, seriously can't wait for this!

Jose Manuel Pombeiro said...

Really great work! I got the game and love it. The Art is so important in a work like this to bring a great level of immersion. you did a fantastic job, details are incredible.