Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Space Siege: Design Examples

Here are some examples pulled from the trailer of some of the stuff I designed. None of the models or renderings are mine. They were modeled, textured, and animated by the amazing team of artists on the Space Siege team. Honestly, most of my design work was preliminary with a few things making it through the cracks. The work that prevailed from the team is what really makes it shine...:)

Although I did very little modeling or texture work on this project, I did create the backdrop for the canyon areas that run the length of the Armstrong's interior. This consisted of multiple planes with painted alpha maps mixed with some post lighting effects to sell depth.

Some of the most fun stuff for me to work on was spaceships. I designed all the earth based ships and the basic configuration of the Armstrong [which can be seen here].

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Heidi Smith said...

Whoa!! I love the design of those ships!! Really awesome stuff!!