Monday, January 27, 2014

TESV:Skyrim: Trolls

Trolls! What a surprise for me. Coming into this project I had no idea that trolls were so different than I'd ever imagined them. 3 eyes and an ape-like body was how they were represented in the last version of TES. What a challenge!

We wanted to give them a bit of personality and a bit of traditional flavor. Maybe they like shiny things and collect the bones of their victims.

 Another flavor of Troll. The Snow troll.

Troll v. Nord!

All Images Copyright Bethesda Softworks LLC, All Rights Reserved 2011


Virginia said...

Amazing and terrifying... Challenge completed ^^

Benjamin. said...

Awesome! Thanks for showing us more of the art. It looks great.

Ray Lederer said...

Thank you for the kind words!

LeksoTiger said...

Hello Ray!
Amazing creatures! It is a pity that during the game they have to die(

LeksoTiger said...

By the way, you working over TES Online?

Ray Lederer said...

Hi Lesko, Thanks for the kind words. I do feel a little sorry for them too:) I had no input whatsoever on TESO other than the drawings I did for Skyrim that got re-interperated.