Friday, March 22, 2013

TESV:Skyrim - Nord Plate Armor

Nord Plate armor was an interesting mix of inspirations and a design challenge because plate armor is not usually associated with Nords (Vikings). We tend to think leather, studs, and fur. To get around this, I actually stole a bit of German and Polish Hussar armor and incorporated a little Stormcloak seasoning to try and make this work. I may have been a bit too slavish to my reference but hopefully the result was interesting.

...and yes I did that horrible thing that all entertainment artists do at one point or another. I made boob cups for female variant armor. What can I say? It's hard to resist some of these tropes sometimes. I've gotten it out of my system and will be more sparing with this in the future if I can. I instead will focus on making feminine design aesthetics in the decorative motifs. Far more interesting and practical.

All Images Copyright Bethesda Softworks LLC, All Rights Reserved 2011


Virginia said...

Lights and textures are stunning! Amazing work, master :)

Ray Lederer said...

Thank you Virginia:)

Virginia said...

You are very welcome ^^

Benjamin. said...

Nice detail. I like the rendering of the armor.