Tuesday, November 6, 2012

TESV:Skyrim - Sexy Ladies Pt. 1

What would a Sword and Sorcery game be without sexy bar maidens and dancers? :) Here are a couple of quick sketches that had some elements used for a few of the female NPCs. My muse for them was, of course my beautiful and sexy wife along with her friend and belly dancer Sharon Kihara mixed with some others from my subconscious..:)

I definitely took some ques from Sharon's wardrobe as she has a lovely variety of objects and talisman she uses in her costumed performances.

I'll feature the final version of a Barmaid outfit in another post for another post down the road. Thanks again!

All Images Copyright Bethesda Softworks LLC, All Rights Reserved 2011


M'Geiger said...

Such a great tangibility to these!

genericrog said...

Hey Ray, this is Roger. Thanks for connecting with me again. This looks awesome Ray! I love how your blog shows all these behind the scenes stuff at Bethesda. I love your stories and your art. Keep it coming! I gotta stay inspired. =)

Ray Lederer said...

Thanks Mike! Can't wait to see what you've been up to!

Thank you Roger!

Brian Thuringer said...

Excellent work, I like how you set up the perspective grid to ground their feet/posture. Do you use like a template for these or brush stamps? I still struggle with perspective here and there.