Sunday, November 18, 2012

TESV:Skyrim - Mages Pt. 1

Mages in the bitter north of Tamriel must have adapted to their harsh surroundings but still maintained their roots in their traditions beliefs and faith. I approached their costumes bearing this in mind and also wanting to give them the feel that they could, like a Shoalin Monk or Chuck Norris drop your ass with a roundhouse kick at any time. 

Lot's of sketching with prismacolor marker and pencils helps quickly develop ideas.

As a young apprentice I thought it'd be fun if they had a bit of the swagger. I liked the idea of  a sort of  parochial school filled with unsure and budding young students learning the ways of the force, hiding in the basement late at night, listening to Legendary Pink Dots and trying to summon C'thulu.

A female Archmage idea spawned the idea of asymmetry in the costumes. I didn't want to just put some robes on them and call it done. There needed to be some sort of  visual hook to make them read from a distance if possible and give them their own identity.

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Mike Burns - said...

Hi Ray, just wanted to say thanks for following me on twitter :) You've got some lovely work too, I'm a fan!

Virginia said...

very nice ^^

Benjamin. said...

Awesome! It's been so long since I've played, but I can still remember going up to that big mage building/college... forget what it was called. And the part with the ball where it started doing crazy stuff... Feels like it was all an awesome dream.

Ray Lederer said...

Thanks everyone:)