Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ecorche art therapy

I've been getting back into the swing of things and one of the ways I've been warming up my pitchin' arm is to sit down and do some life and anatomical studies. Here I've used the ecorche model sculpted by Andrew Cawrse. I've used it for so many things but never as an actual subject. I really need to do some more of these! I feel like I learn so much every time I do. Painted in Photoshop.


Benjamin. said...

OK, already commented on your most recent post on the sculpture, didn't see this post.

Is this some sort of mass produced mini sculpture for reference? If so, any idea where it can be bought?
I've been trying to learn figure stuff and have been having trouble getting a 3d image in my head from Bridgman's drawings. Maybe I should just be reading it more than just looking at the pictures.

Thanks for updating us on what you are doing!


Rayford said...

Look for Andrew Cawrse and you'll find his stuff pretty quickly. I got the male and female through Amazon.

Benjamin. said...

Thank you!

I'll have to check that out.