Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday Life Drawing May 2, 2010

Maria Garcia. Learned a lot on this one. I'm not at all happy with my proportions or edge quality however I did come away with some insight on how to approach next time around. There's a few nice things happening on her head. I hope I get the chance to draw her again as I definitely only caught a glimmer of her essence this time around.


Lane Brown said...

This is superb, very beautiful!

Rayford said...

Thanks Lane:)

LUZIA said...

this is so beautiful! I really love this drawing. I wanted to let you know i put 2 of your drawing on my site. Hope that is okay with you. Please let me know if you not comfortable with it. Hope you are doing well!
there is a problem with my site right now but it should be working again by this weekend.
- Maria Gracia

Rayford said...

Hi Luzia! I'm honored and I love that you would like to post my drawings on your site:) I'd also love the chance to draw you some more. When are you modeling again? Do you ever pose at the Saturday sessions in Fredrick?