Saturday, May 2, 2009


Man, it's amazing what you find when unpacking from a move. I ran across this storyboard (from probably 2003) when I was working on an animation idea examining theories in dinosaur behaviour. I got really inspired to do this when I ran into world famous paleontologist Robert Bakker at the Whole Foods in Boulder CO(where I lived at the time). He was sitting there enjoying his food in the common area and sketching in his sketchbook which had all sorts of anatomical drawings of animals long since extinct. We started talking about his book Red Raptor which gives a fictional narrative to these theorized behaviours and I got so excited I went home later and immediatly started working on this storyboard. As sometimes happens these things get put aside for a while and eventually get lost in the shuffle of life, but I still enjoy thinking about this stuff and still like the direction of where I was going with it. Who knows maybe I'll get inspired to work on it some more someday. In the meantime I've got a zillion other things to work on that I'm more interested in now:) These thumbnails are about 1.5 inches across.