Tuesday, June 17, 2008

IMC update #1

Wow! We're not even halfway through and this is turning out to be the most incredible artistic experience of a lifetime. This is what a workshop should be. Small and intimate. Everyone is friendly, absolutely no egos, all of the instructors go way out of their way to help and get close and personal with the work you're doing and invite you to do the same with them working in the same room with everyone else.

Boris friggin' Vallejo walks up behind me today and goes 'Wow! That's great work!' ...and means it! Even with absolute beginners, they're made to feel as if they are part of a community of illustrators and that from now on we are peers. I and everyone else here has gotten hours of personal one on one critique including paint-overs, redrawing, and truly helpful and practical advice. Scott Fischer and Daniel Dos Santos (at the same time!) both chipped away at my drawing today kind of refining it and giving me really good input on how to make it sing.

Donato discusses his Lord of the Rings prelim drawing.

Donatos ref pile.
Studio B on Monday's demo night.

Donato has some fun plus a sneak peak of what I'm working on.

Big big thanks to Donato for going way above and beyond helping me with his transfer process. He was incredibly patient with my fumbling with the brayer knowing that I was about to turn my drawing into so much wet tissue paper had he not jumped in to help. Thanks again man. I will do my best to pass along this technique to others know that I know what to do.

Much more to come soon...



Bobby Pontillas said...

Wow so thats Boris Vallejo eh? This does sound like an amazing artistic experience so far. And what you're working looks killer dude! What is that, pencil?!

10ske said...

you have to show me a finished version! i wanna see. that looks incredible.. and a really great workshop

Rayford said...

I think I may actually start from scratch again on this piece. We started off on the wrong foot, this painting and I. I know now how to do it justice thanks to the help of Greg, Scott, Boris, and Julie...:) -R