Friday, February 22, 2008

Time Lapse SciFi Illustration Part 4

Here's some I did over lunch today. As you can see things are changing as I progress. Since this is for fun I'm not really worried about it and I'm just enjoying the process.

I guess this is more an illustration than a speed paint. The speed part comes in when I time-lapse it for Youtube:)


milkyteets said...

DUDE! You've got some awesome stuff on here, great sci fi type stuff, I love it.

Rayford said...

Hey thanks Teets! Imma gonna go over and check yer Blog too:)

milkyteets said...

hehe thanks for the visit man! and for the words on what you liked the most out of the stuff that was there.

I drew a couple characters in that style tonight after reading your post. (probably will post them tomorrow or something..) Its nice reassurance to have some approval on one of your directions, so thanks!